We believe in slow fashion, because timeless designs and durable materials not only make great clothes — they reduce peoples’ need to buy new ones. Plus, we only partner with factories that use sustainable materials and low-impact manufacturing methods.


Raw Materials

tentree uses Textile Exchange’s Material Change Index (MCI) to track our sustainable material use, and help us identify where we can improve. In 2021 we received the 3rd level of rating out of the possible 4, along with other companies, demonstrating emerging leadership with their materials sourcing.

Here are some of the fibres we use:


We use the Higg Facility Environmental Module (FEM) to measure the environmental performance of our factories, from energy and water use to wastewater treatment and waste production. The Higg Index* is a set of tools created by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition to help standardize the measurement of environmental and social sustainability across the apparel industry.

We also encourage our factories to use the Higg Facility Social & Labor Module (FSLM) to keep track of things like employee safety, benefits and empowerment.

Having our facilities measure and track their performance using this standardized method is a key element in helping us measure our overall impact.

*The Higg Index is considered the industry standard for apparel data - we work hard to ensure that data is not used out of context and strive for sustainable materials and processes.


We’re committed to transitioning our manufacturing towards clean, renewable energy sources. To do this, we have plans to partner with the Apparel Impact Institute and, using their Carbon Leadership Program, helping our factories shift away from harmful or inefficient sources like coal or fossil fuels.


In an age where 85% of our clothing ends up in landfill, prioritizing responsible production and materials isn't enough. That’s why we’ve created Circularity by tentree — an innovative recycling and resale program in partnership with SuperCircle and Treet. Now you can return your unwanted clothes and, depending on their condition, they’ll be resold or broken down and recycled into something new.