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Caw Caw Short

$66.00 CAD
The Caw Caw Short is inspired by the mountains and foothills that surround the Chitwan jungle! The Camo pant features White Throated kingfishers and acacia trees, both native to the region. This Regular Fit short offers an elastic waist and inseam side pockets for optimum comfort and practicality in or out of the water! Made of 92% Recycled Polyester, and...

Astoria Short

$60.00 CAD
Experience the essence of practicality and comfort with the Astoria Short! The Regular Fit short features a rib/elastic waistband that you can adjust to your liking. Made with an ultra-comfy, eco-focused blend of TENCEL®, recycled polyester, and organic cotton for everyday softness. Feel good and look good too! These shorts are accented with a branded cork patch and cork drawstring...

Wollaston Short

$70.00 CAD
These Hybrid shorts are perfect for any occasion! The stretch material and drawcord waistline ensure uncompromised comfort. The addition of a front coin pocket and back welt pockets make these shorts practical! The Wollaston short is made with recycled polyester, which uses less water and produces less water contaminants than non-recycled material. 92% Recycled Polyester 8% Spandex 10.5” Inseam

Men's Plant Trees Tee

$38.00 CAD
Here at tentree, our mission is to protect the environment and inspire a generation to do the same. Our Planting Trees tee manifests that message by encouraging conversations about what is good for the environment, and what you can do to help sustain it! Featured on the center of this Slim Fit tee is a bold “Plant Trees” logo. Made...

Men's Positive Impact Tee

$38.00 CAD
With your help, we’ve planted over 20 million trees (and counting) around the world! Tree planting has had meaningful, positive impacts on the environment and the communities where we plant. To illustrate that, we created the Positive Impact tee that you can wear on any adventure! The logo on the center of this Slim Fit tee has a tree trunk...

Men's Weekend Warrior Tee

$38.00 CAD
Inspired by our love for nature, the Weekend Warrior tee features an image of mountains surrounded by a forest while a canoe floats on a lake nearby. We believe in protecting the world we play in, and this Slim Fit tee demonstrates exactly that! In addition to the front center graphic, an inspiring “plant trees” logo is printed on the...

Northern Juniper

$48.00 CAD
The Northern Juniper tee features the beautiful Northern Lights, also known as “Aurora Borealis.” The Northern lights, predominantly visible in high latitude, are one of Earth’s most striking natural phenomena! Ethically sourced materials like recycled polyester, organic cotton, and tencel, make this great looking tee feel even better! Show your love for the auroras by ordering your own Northern Juniper tee!...

Navigate Tee

$38.00 CAD
Navigate the world with this tee! The graphic of the paddle boat compass was inspired by the idea that spending more time outdoors will connect you to your environment. This short sleeve crew neckline is perfect tee to take on an adventure! 42% Recycled Polyester 33% Tencel® Lyocell 25% Organic Cotton

Juniper Hoodie

$78.00 CAD
Nature meets fashion in the Juniper Hoodie! This best-seller features a sharp treeline design that encapsulates our passion and purpose: let the environment guide our lifestyle! The organic cotton and recycled polyester blend bring the sentiment home. Enjoy the Juniper Hoodie wherever you go! 60% Organic Cotton 40% Recycled Polyester, Regular Fit

Long Tee Henley

$42.00 CAD
A classic Henley, with a little boost in trend! The added length on this tee enhances the style and creates a relaxed fit. Henley is accented with coconut buttons and a branded patch made from cork. Made of a combination of eco-friendly blends like organic cotton, recycled polyester and Tencel Lyocell. 42% Recycled Polyester 33% Tencel® Lyocell 25% Organic Cotton...

Juniper Tee

$38.00 CAD
The Juniper tee continues to be a best-seller! Bring your love of nature to life with this slim-fit tee showcasing a dynamic treeline graphic and crewneck collar. Best paired with our Coldwood pant! Made with a purposeful blend of organic cotton, recycled polyester, and TENCEL®. 160 GSM Triblend Jersey, 50% Recycled Polyester, 25% Organic Cotton, 25% TENCEL®, Slim Fit Tee...

Paddler Elms

$38.00 CAD
The Paddler Elms tee will take you on an adventure! The graphic of a man paddling a boat was inspired by the idea that if you spend more time outdoors, you will become inspired to connect with nature. This tee is perfect for any summer day full of activities! Made with 33% Tencel Lyocell, 25% organic cotton and 42% recycled...

Parsa Watson Hoodie

$78.00 CAD
The Parsa Watson hoodie is extra soft and comfy for those cool summer nights! The printed hood lining and front kanga pocket are inspired by the mountains and foothills that surround the Chitwan jungle! This Regular Fit hoodie features a hood cotton drawcord with cork ends. Made with ethically sourced organic cotton and recycled polyester. 60% Organic Cotton 40% Recycled...

Bailer Zip Up Hoodie

$82.00 CAD
The Bailer Zip up is inspired by the mountains and foothills that surround the Chitwan jungle! The camo in the hoodie lining features white-throated kingfishers and acacia trees, both are native to the region. This Regular Fit hoodie offers Colourblocked sleeve and pockets, and an antique brass colored center front zipper. Made with a purposeful combination of materials like organic...

Lowlands Vintage Hoodie

$78.00 CAD
The Lowlands Vintage hoodie represents the approach we take with our planting and charity efforts in the Chitwan region. We hire and empower the locals at each planting site to restore their environments, and the leafy texture intertwined in our tentree logo is a symbol of that empowerment! This one-of-a-kind hoodie is a Regular Fit, and is made of sustainably...

Briar Tee

$42.00 CAD
Branch out your style with a standout pocket tee! Briar is accented with coconut buttons and a left hem logo label. The color blocked front placket and pocket contrast the solid top perfectly. This tee is a regular fit and is made of eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, recycled polyester, and TENCEL® Lyocell. 42% Recycled Polyester, 33% Tencel® Lyocell, 25%...

Parsa Pocket Tee

$40.00 CAD
The Parsa Pocket Tee provides a fresh look for a summer style! This tee showcases a camo left chest pocket that is inspired by the mountains and the foothills that surround the chitwan jungle! This regular fit tank is made with extremely comfortable organic cotton, recycled polyester and innovative TENCEL®. 42% Recycled Polyester 33% Tencel® Lyocell 25% Organic Cotton

Rapti Barrel Tee

$38.00 CAD
Enjoy a day outdoors in the Rapti Barrel tee! The camo print you see inside our classic tentre logo features white throated king fishers and Acacia trees, which are native to the Chitwan jungle! This Regular Fit tee offers short sleeves and a crew neck, perfect for casual wear. Made partly of Tencel Lyocell, this tee is not only eco-friendly,...

Sauraha Tee

$38.00 CAD
Whether you’re out camping, or lounging at home, the Sauraha tee is an everyday basic! This short sleeve and crew neck tee offers a colourblocked contrast sleeve against a solid top that can be worn with anything! A branded tentree patch made with harvested cork adds a nice finishing touch. Made with a purposeful blend of organic cotton, recycled polyester,...

Takeout Tee

$38.00 CAD
This eagle is grabbing some take out for dinner, and fish is on the menu. Enjoy this short sleeve crew neck tee outdoors or inside! Made partly of Recycled Polyester, an eco-friendly blend, this Regular Fit tee is breathable and flexible for optimum comfort! Best paired with our Astoria or Wollaston shorts for a casual finish. 42% Recycled Polyester 33%...