Our Ethical Manufacturing

Designed in Canada, ethically manufactured around the world.

We apply the same values of transparency, sustainability and respect for the people who make our clothes as when selecting and managing our planting projects.


Each product tells a story of tentree and its mission: to protect the world we play in. By planting ten trees for every item purchased, we prove to the world that sustainability can and should be as easy as putting on a t-shirt. Our core values drive us to find the best responsibly sourced materials, and the guarantee of safe and respectful work environments. So, by the time your tentree product arrives to you, you know that its journey was defined by the smallest environmental footprint, and made proudly by people treated fairly and with dignity.

What Keeps Us Growing

Being sustainable doesn’t mean you have to give up your life, or purge your entire lifestyle. We, and the planet, are just asking you to be a little more aware of what you’re paying for, and we’ll do the rest. tentree is proud to be a certified B-Corporation. This means we uphold the highest regard and respect for our employees, communities, and our environment. We’re committed to minimizing our environmental impact, uplifting the well-being of our people with ethical labour rights, and safe workplaces, and recognizing our social responsibility to keep our business practices as transparent as possible.

People First

The factories we partner with all strive to meet the highest standards when it comes to upholding ethical labour rights. Our partner factories are regularly audited to ensure compliance with the tentree Code of Conduct and international labour standards. We make sure that workers are properly compensated with living wages, not just minimum wages, ensuring proper rest days and access to essential insurance coverage. In every facet of our business, we strive to provide people with safe workplaces where they can feel good about their contributions to protecting our planet.

Code of Conduct

We approach every step of our business with these guardrails, and this includes our partners and suppliers. With these pillars of ethics and principles, we ensure that all the people who work with tentree are respected, valued, and feel safe. Before any form of production can begin, we require all of our suppliers to sign and adhere to the following guidelines. We also require routine audits to ensure their continual commitment to our code of conduct.

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