Sustainability starts with trust. That’s why we’re working hard to develop systems to make data-driven decisions, capture accurate information, set goals guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and measure our progress. We’re doing this to spark open conversation with our community around our accomplishments —and failures— as a restorative brand.



B Corporation

We’ve been a certified B Corporation since 2016, and are now one of the top 3 scoring apparel brands globally1. Created by the non-profit B Labs, this certification is given to companies that meet strict standards around social and environmental responsibility.

Climate Neutrality

In 2022, in addition to being carbon neutral, we’ve submitted our first response to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) as part of our commitment to the UN Climate Change Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action, which we signed in 2021 to reduce our overall carbon footprint.


By sharing details about our planting projects and manufacturing, we aim to make sure they’re carried out in a way that does not cause harm to people, communities, or the environment.


In 2019, we made our manufacturing details available on our website, but to improve our traceability and help us share more, we’ve teamed up with Textile Genesis. This tool allows us to trace textiles across the supply chain — it maps out the journey of every product, from the fiber to the factories where products are made.

In 2021 we partnered with Textile Genesis and Textile Exchange on a traceability pilot program to help verify our use of more sustainable fibers. To learn more about our raw materials, visit the Product section of our report.


In 2021, our sister company veritree was launched. veritree is what powers our tree planting at tentree. It’s a software we created that provides real-time updates and data on when and where a specific tree was planted. Using blockchain technology, we can avoid common planting errors, log and verify every step of the planting journey, connect customers with the good they’re doing and ensure our projects have a genuine, positive, long-term impact. We’ve also made it available to other organizations, so they can plant with confidence just like us. In our first year of launching, we’ve had over 70 partners join, and we look forward to growing that number in years to come.