Our passion for positive impact extends to the people and communities that make our work possible. We believe in uplifting the planet and its people by ensuring fair working conditions in our supply chains, creating jobs through our planting initiatives, and supporting causes that align with our values.

Read more about our commitment to ethical manufacturing here.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Initiatives

In 2023, we undertook anonymous assessments in collaboration with InspiredHR and Camber Outdoors to evaluate our organizational health and gauge employee satisfaction. Here’s how our team members perceived our DEI initiatives in three core areas:


We expect all employees, regardless of title or seniority, to treat each other with respect.

92% of team members agreed that our organization supports a culture of respect.


We foster a culture of belonging and inclusion while empowering our employees to use their voices.

93% of team members felt we encourage an inclusive work environment where everyone feels welcome.


We’re committed to building trust and connection among all employees, regardless of title or seniority.

82% of team members believed that Senior Management and staff trust each other.

Fairtrade Spotlight

We’re proud that in 2023 almost 30% of the cotton we sourced was Fairtrade Organic certified. Through the certification, we are directly contributing to the Fairtrade system and the development of programs that benefit producers.

Our Fairtrade cotton comes from the Pratibha Vasudha cooperative in Madhya Pradesh, India. In the five years we’ve been partnering with Fairtrade, the producers from Pratibha Vasudha have invested their Fairtrade Premium in building schools in their local communities, supporting the enrollment and education of cotton workers' children. They are also working on water conservation projects, promoting agroforestry, and reducing the use of fertilizers and pesticides.

You can read more about the producers here.