The Problem

Excessive Plastic Production and Disposal

Plastic — a smooth, shiny, colourful and convenient material, is also a toxic nuisance for our environment.

Due to irresponsible disposal of waste from the textile industry, global water supplies are contaminated with lethal chemicals. Communities who rely on natural resources are being exposed constantly to these polluted waters.

Currently, we're producing more plastic than we are recycling. And that's a big problem. Only 9% of the world's plastic has been recycled, so in all likelihood, the first water bottle you ever drank from is still sitting in the landfill.

Our Solution

Recycled Polyester

By partnering with companies like REPREVE®, we're able to give plastic bottles a new life, and one that isn't so toxic for our planet.

By processing PET bottles into polyester fibres, we're able to keep those bottles away from waterways and landfills. Not to mention, this production process uses less energy than conventional manufacturing.

Plus, by diverting plastic bottles from landfills, we're able to keep toxic chemicals associated with plastic use from contaminating our natural resources, while reducing our dependence on petroleum-based products.