The Problem

Excessive Water Waste from Conventional Textiles

Irresponsible disposal of industrial waste within the apparel industry is incredibly harmful to our planet's rivers, lakes and oceans.

An estimated 8,000 synthetic chemicals are used to turn raw materials into textiles, which contributes up to 20% of the world's water pollution.

Textile dyeing and treatment then contributes up to 17-20% of total industrial water pollution, which inevitably endangers humans, animals and ecosystems all over the world.

Our Solution

Closed Loop Processing With TENCEL™

TENCEL™ fibres are made of responsibly sourced wood pulp, which is produced in an entirely 'closed-loop' process.

This means the solvents from processing are captured and reused, and no contaminants are released into the environment.

TENCEL™ lyocell is breathable, lightweight and can be blended with most other fibres. Plus, since they're sourced from nature, these fibres are compostable and biodegradable.