Our largest project with over 23 million trees planted so far


We are working to restore both the coastal Mangrove population in the Village of Mahabana as well as the in-land tree species in the Village of Antsanitia. The projects will help provide hundreds of jobs, thousands of hours of employment, and restore countless habitats for wildlife. We are also committed to providing education to the local communities to ensure that these problems don’t arise again.

Total Trees Planted

Why Madagascar?

A lot of people ask, is cutting down trees always bad? Well, it’s a tough question to answer because the majority of deforestation is done by ordinary people trying to make ends meet. In Madagascar, villagers use the trees to cook, build homes, and to keep warm during cold nights. Cutting down a few trees may seem small but after hundreds of years, and millions of people cutting down 3-4 trees a day, the forests have all but disappeared. Over 90% of Madagascar’s forests have been cut down and has left a devastating impact on the people and the environment. Locals are forced to turn to desperate measures for money. Some are even forced to go into slavery and endentured servitude just to survive. 

tentree and our local planting partners, Eden Reforestation, are working together to give locals the tools they need to sustainably manage their forests. Locals are paid to plant and protect the trees. They are taught why trees are important and how to sustainably utilise the trees as resources. They learn how to create food sources from fruit trees, how to earn money from selling fruit and lumber. All of these practices can generate a steady flow of disposable income to send their children to school or even start their own business.

Locals are even learning how to manage their own forests. Some are now setting up their own nurseries and teaching others how to plant trees. Communities now believe in the positive impact and importance of planting trees.

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