tentree is working with partners across the country to protect and revitalize Canadian forests.


As a Canadian brand based in Vancouver, BC, our Canadian planting sites hold a special place in our hearts. We engaged in a number of different projects that continue to have outstanding impacts on their communities and the environment. We are honoured to have partnered with a wide variety of organizations to further their initiatives and promote their messages.

Total Trees Planted

Why Canada?

Planting Trees in Canada

Canada’s vast landscape accounts for 30% of the world's forests. With climate change and careless acts by people starting forest fires, we are seeing this decrease at a rapid rate. The government along with charities and private organizations in Canada are making steps to protect and reforest areas that have been damaged or are at risk. We purposely choose projects that (1) are not under private ownership, (2) ensure their land be used for trees in perpetuity, (3) have a need for reforestation and (4) will be a source of education and awareness we can share with our tentree community. We have engaged in a number of projects from coast to coast and are continuing to do even more. Because the average cost per tree is significantly higher in Canada, we make these decisions very carefully (in some projects, we are operating at a loss, but in those cases we have to choose our planet over profit). 

Canada and the US are currently our largest markets for tentree so we thank you for your continued support! 

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