Our People

You might be our next #EarthStuff ambassador if you...

Believe big change starts small — small like bringing your reusable tote to the grocery store and getting your coffee in a thermos.

Make intentional purchases and care about where your stuff comes from.

Like to get outside and explore (in good company or for some self-reflection).

Get excited about a cozy pair of sweats, trying out a recipe you just found, or a new leaf on your favourite house plant.

The Perks

Complete missions to earn…

Product, Gift Cards, Commission, Cash, VIP rewards and early access, Discount Codes.

But what are missions? Things like...

Engaging with our social content. Creating your own tentree content. Spreading the sustainable word with your network.

Join the Collective

As part of the #EarthStuff Collective, you’ll…

Be a member of our super diverse, super engaged community of ambassadors committed to a greener future. Our ambassadors are an extension of the tentree family, and you'll be representing us on our mission to plant 1 billion trees by 2030. We want you to help us inspire a new generation of people who care about the planet so that we can protect the world we play in.

Big Change Starts Small,
And It Starts With You.