TENCEL clothing

TENCEL™ is a responsibly sourced wood pulp fiber that's used in our signature TreeBlend material and throughout our seasonal collections. TENCEL™ clothing is kind of like if clothing grew on trees!

Tencel Clothing Everyday

Whether you're in search of casual tencel pants for a relaxed day out, a stylish tencel blouse for a formal occasion, or cozy tencel hoodies for chilly evenings, this sustainable tencel fabric offers a solution for every wardrobe need.

Tencel: Long Lasting Quality

Tencel clothing stands out for its exceptional quality and long-lasting attributes. Whether you're investing in Tencel pants, tencel shirts, or tencel dresses, you can expect your pieces to maintain their shape, color, and softness over time.

Sustainably sourced wood pulp

Tencel, is derived primarily from sustainably sourced wood pulp, such as eucalyptus and beech trees, Tencel's closed-loop manufacturing method efficiently converts wood pulp into luxuriously soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking fibers.