Antsanitia Beach

Madagascar is full of many wonders where you can find 5% of all known animal and plant species. Distance between the rainforest and desert is just 300 km, and you'll also find incredible national parks. And just on the west side of Madagascar lives an unforgettable place called Antsanitia.

Total Trees Planted

Why Antsanitia?

Antsanitia is one of the most unspoiled regions of Madagascar. Bordered by the waters of the Mozambique Channel, it's full of friendly locals and has a natural and cultural heritage that's still relatively unknown to the world. However, due to frequent fires from “slash-and-burn” practices, their way of life and natural environment are at risk. We are actively working with our partners at Eden Projects to hire local citizens to monitor fires in order to protect our planting projects.

The Trees

In Antsanitia, we plant endemic (native) trees of the west coast which have adapted to the harsh environment. Unlike mangrove trees, these endemic trees are grown in a nursery and planted on dry land.